Annual AIChE Student Conference (2019)

The AIChE Student Chapter was able to send nine delegates to the annual student conference in Orlando, FL. Delegates attended workshops targeted towards chemical engineering students interested in various industries and graduate-level studies. This improves verbal and non-verbal communication in the industry.

President's Showcase (2019)

AIChE members created a presentation to share their experiences while representing X University at the 2019 Student Conference. This helped participants learn and assist one another by sharing personal experiences.

Industry Night Collaboration (2020)

AIChE collaborated with the Chemical Engineering Course Union to organize a networking event, inviting industry professionals and X University alumni to share their experiences. This encouraged collaboration between student leaders, the student body, staff in the Co-op department, and with the industry professionals.

Competitions (2021)

AIChE organizes various design and case competitions throughout the academic years to engage students and connect them with industry professionals. In March 2021, the AIChE Student Chapter collaborated with H2O4ALL to host a Case Competition for developing an innovative solution to reduce pollution from single-use masks. These events allow students to build their creativity, marketability, and self-promotion skills, while providing networking opportunities. Other contests previously hosted include: Patch Design (2020), Elevator Pitch (2020), Case Competitions (2020 & 2021) and Merch Design (2021). 




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