Marisa Samaroo,


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Marisa is in her fourth year of the Chemical Engineering program and is the President of  the Ryerson AIChE Student Chapter for the 2020-2021 year. Working alongside the other executives, she hopes to make the overall year a more enjoyable one for all students! While she’s not study-ing or hanging out with her friends, Marisa enjoys sketching, playing sports and reading. She’s also always on the hunt for new music to listen to and loves getting song recommendations. Whether you have questions, song suggestions or cool memes, feel free to reach out to her!


Andres Rivera-Giraldo,


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Andres is in his second year of Chemical Engineering. As the Chem-E-car Liason, he will be overlooking operations for the design team, for the 2020-21 year. Working in close collab-oration with AIChE and Chem-E-Car, he plans to ensure the success of both groups in this upcoming group. Active in the school community, he is always looking out for his classmates and any new opportunities that may arise.


Amy Ariganello,


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Amy is a fourth-year Chemical Engineering student at Ryerson and is Ryerson AIChE's VP Operations for the 2020-2021 year! She is very active in her school community and wants you to always reach out to her if you have any questions or concerns. She just finished a 12-month co-op at Sanofi Pasteur and is ready to be back at school with her friends. She is also pursuing a minor in law even though she hates doing all the readings! She's always up to talk about Netflix shows, baking, and making new friends! 

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Kabir Birdi,


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Kabir is in his third year of chemical engineering at Ryerson University and is the acting VP Outreach for Ryerson’s American Institute for Chemical Engineer-ing chapter. Whilst holding this position, Kabir’s goal for the chapter is to represent and connect with Ryerson’s chemical engineering student body and help bring problems and concerns to light within our executive committee. Kabir’s passion and hobby is music, whether it be playing, creating, or listening. You can always find him jamming out to some tunes.


Emma Kelly,


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Emma is in her fourth year of the Chemical Engineering program, and working on a minor in Sociology. She has also served as Co-President of the Chemical Engineering Course Union since 2019. As VP Finance, her goal is to maintain financial trans-parency as well as ensure that the Ryerson AIChE Chapter has the funding to provide high quality, engaging events for its students. Right now, Emma can be found binging TV or scrolling through Ubereats. She looks forward to travelling and eating good food with her friends once quarantine is over.

Kitiga Senthamilselvan,


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Kitiga is in her fourth year of the Chemical Engineering program and is the VP Marketing for Ryerson AIChE and Chem-E-Car. Her goal is to help you, the student body, to feel as included as she did at Ryerson. You can hear from her through the social media accounts of Ryerson AIChE and Chem-E-Car, to give you all the updates, oppor-tunities, and event information happening throughout the school year. Kitiga plans to travel around the world and have Instagram pictures for days! For now, she enjoys finding new places to eat, going to the movies, and spending time with family and friends.